Emma Mooney Well done everyone 😘 What an amazing and epic day!! Loooooved it! Huge thanks to all the organisers and fabulous marshals ( especially up on the mountain in the storm!!). A day I’ll never forget 😘🍻 xxx

David Jamieson Thanks Rat Race for putting on a great event. My first Rat Race. Won’t be my last! Well done to everybody who ran, and to those I chatted to on route, thank you for the encouragement. Until next time!

Linda’s Race Report: Ultra Tour of EdinburghAdrian was in good spirits, taking pictures and grinning from ear to ear like the cat that got the cream and I started to settle down too having been awfully nervous the day before. At the top of the hill we said goodbye to each other and Adrian ran off… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE

Gareth Johnson 
Awesome event guys, massive thanks to all the marshals they were amazing especially those guys up in the pentlands 🙌🏼

VarunaGirl I’m final starting to process everything that happened yesterday and can’t quite believe we ran 57k in 7:18:55! The Royal Mile Start was definitely impressive but speed was sacrificed as we skidded our way over damp cobbles (I hate cobbles!), as we entered Holyrood Park morning was breaking and the buzz of anticipation and excitement around us was electrifying. Thanks you Rat Race, we had an amazing time and whilst we do think the addition of stairs at 50k was a bit mean, we loved the route and loved the whole experience!

Abby_Hussain So much to take away from this event – the good, the bad and the belief that anything is possible.

The Rat Race Ultra Tour of Edinburgh is a 55km bimble around Edinburgh takes in some famous and not so famous sights, a variety of terrain and a truly memorable finish. 

As I tend to book races far in advance I tend to forget the main reason for doing so but being a unique ultra race in that it takes place in and around a city, I was attracted by the idea of being able to explore such an historic city without using one of the open-top buses.


Neil Heed As always 😀 massive thanks to the marshals ,your awesome. Rat Race ,you did it again , another adventure ,well organised and always a joy. 😁👏👍

Nutrition2Run Completed the @ratracehq #ultratouredinburgh today. 57km around Edinburgh including a total of 3000ft ascent. A personal challenge that was exhilarating, painful, spectacular and exhausting. The sense of achievement on crossing the finish line was tremendous! Well done @ratracehq – this was a very well organised and efficiently executed event. Thank you to all the marshals who were there to guide us, always with a smile and some words of encouragement. A special thank you to the marshals positioned at the peaks of the Pentland hills in the wind and rain, you were fabulous.

Lee Wells It was brilliant. My 1st ultra after only halves and 1 marathon. In my opinion generous cut offs . superb views. A nice climb up to the Pentlands with some amazing views of where you’ve been and are about to go!! Rat race support is in my opinion 2nd to none.

This caught my attention as soon as I’d seen an advert on Facebook, a really different race with the additional challenge of a new distance. The event video and description had me hooked from the word go….


mightymurb @ratracehq Ultra Tour of Edinburgh? AWESOME!!! 36 miles of running round all the areas of the city you don’t usually see with @holly_eatsclean_liftsheavy to finish off our big runs this year- The best part of it though? The gorgeous sound of Keith’s voice as we reach the finish!

chrisv6255 What an amazing weekend in Edinburgh! Big thanks to all the @ratracehqguys for putting on such a great event as always! Legs have just about recovered now 😂 Roll on 2019 🏃🏻💪🏻🍺

IainGordon This was my first Ultra and I would recommend this race if you are wishing to dip your toes into Ultra marathon running. The marshals and volunteers were friendly and very helpful. The pit stops were really well stocked with a good variety and I cannot resist having a cup of tea and a little picnic before I set off. The route is very well marked which can put you at ease and you only have to worry about the running. As a whole very well organised and definitely worth a visit.

lindalovestri My first ultra and I loved it. The event organisers were very thorough at sending information through prior to the race and ensuring you were well prepared. The course was lovely, although the weather on the Pentland Hills was a bit brutal so if you are doing this event be prepared for rain and wind. The pit stops were well stocked, my only minor criticism would be that they could have done with a bit more savoury snacks as I am not massively keen on too much sweet stuff. The route is clever, it takes you out to the hills but brings you through Edinburgh on routes that avoid the crowds and show off the city to its best advantage. Would recommend this event, for a first timer it is hilly but flat enough on the latter part of the course to get you round.